Vision, mission and values Italian build quality


The history and culture of construction solutions in Italy have been recognised around the world for more than 2000 years, [Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, 80 BC -15 AD], thanks to generations of Italians – engineers and artisans, whose works have contributed to the history of innovation and harmony. The SOMEC Group’s vision is to stand for the Italian construction quality, intended as a hub (business and knowledge) for all those process, industrial and handcrafted skills required by ship and building architects to develop complex turnkey construction projects for customers all over the world.


The companies of the SOMEC Group put the project at the centre of their activities and search for innovative tailor-made solutions for each one, which come from uniting the technical, industrial and handcrafting skills of their people. The SOMEC Group’s mission is to gain a reputation as a credible and reliable Italian and international partner of excellence, one of the world’s leading experts in the construction of complex turnkey projects.


Many companies possess functional engineering and project management skills that achieve excellence through their expertise on the materials used and by bringing technical prowess to the projects they work on. The key value of the SOMEC Group lies in the freedom enjoyed by each individual – engineers, specialists and craftsmen – in constantly searching for innovative solutions and processes, which accompany each project in order to achieve the best result.

From family business (1978-2008) to international group (2013-∞)


Together since 2013, committed to a growth strategy