IPO AIM – admission document 2018


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The Admission Document reported in this section of the website (the “Admission Document”) is the Admission Document on AIM Italy – Alternative Capital Market, multilateral trading facilities organized and managed by Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italian S.p.A), by shares ( the “Shares”) of Vetrya Somec S.p.A. (the “Company”) and was drown up pursuant of the Issuers Regulation AIM Italy (“AIM Italian Issuers Regulation”). The Admission Document and the operation described in the same does not constitute an offer to the public of financial instruments neither an admission of financial instruments on a regulated market as defined by the Consolidated Law on Financial, by Consob Regulation no. 11971 of May, 14, 1999 as subsequently amended and supplemented, and from equivalent abblicable provisions of law and regulations applicable abroad. The informations contained In this section of the web site are widespread in application of Articles 17 and 26 of the AIM Rules for Issuers.

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