Business segments Custom construction solutions

The companies of the SOMEC Group operate in three project segments, with a particular focus on complex, highly customized construction solutions created according to the creative input of leading shipyards and architecture companies, on behalf of some of the most demanding customers in the world.

Horizons: engineered systems of naval architecture and building fa├žades

Somec Group is leader in the design, procurement, production, installation and maintenance of custom construction projects in the marine and civil sectors.

Talenta: professional kitchen systems and products

Somec Group manufactures large-scale systems and products for custom professional kitchens in the shipbuilding and civil sectors, restaurants and hospitality businesses for various types of end customers.

Mestieri: design and production of custom high-end interiors

Somec Group creates custom luxury interiors for cruise ships, luxury retail stores, hospitality and food service businesses, private residences and superyachts for high-end customers.

Turnkey projects and orders: group operating model


Roots in Italy, projects all over the world


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