History of the Group From a small family business to an international group

  • 1978

    Year of foundation as SOssai MECcanica by the brothers Gildo and Aldo

    In the north-east of Treviso, the Sossai brothers expand a small family-run business that produces wooden and aluminium windows and doors, and glass surfaces.

  • 1993

    Somec qualifies for the Vendor’s List of one of the world’s main shipbuilder.

    Somec decides to enter the running for the first Fincantieri contracts near Laguna. Qualifying in the Vendor’s List of the shipbuilding industry is a complex task, but the company pursues its goal.

  • 2005

    Its reputation grows as does its order portfolio in the ship glazing market

    Thanks to the growth of international orders for new cruise ships, SOMEC’s reputation for the specialisation in glass envelopes for ships grows and leads it to add the service of marine refitting of glass envelopes, and the upgrading and restructuring of already launched tonnage.

  • 2008

    Change of ownership

    The company gets into difficulties due to the effects of the financial crisis on the market, and due to some poor management choices. The ownership goes to a group of local entrepreneurs.

  • 2013

    New management led by a new shareholding team

    The shareholding is consolidated with the entry of Oscar Marchetto and the co-option of the managers GC Corazza (COO) and A Zanchetta (CFO), who remained after the adversities at top management. The team secures the operations, controls the losses and focuses on increasing ship orders.

  • 2014

    “Where sky and sea meet”

    Somec launches its new business growth strategy program that aims to expand its offer in the Cruise Ship sector, adding glass systems, cooking equipment and interior furnishings.

  • 2015

    The Marine sector grows

    The team works and the Marine sector grows in the hands of GC Corazza: the geographical scale grows, so does the barriers to entry on the supplier list of the shipbuilding sector, which is dominated by an oligopoly of companies in Europe, the United States and the Far East.

  • 2016

    Somec takes over OXIN

    Aided by an opportunity in the sector, SOMEC takes over OXIN, a supplier of bespoke ship galleys. A company specialised in the complexities of integrated on-board systems, with high barriers to entry thanks to its stringent Hygiene and Safety standards.

  • 2017

    Somec takes over Inoxtrend and creates Hysea

    The competence and specialisation of suppliers such as SOMEC is growing. The continuous search for opportunities leads to the acquisition of Inoxtrend, a Veneto-based company operating in the field of professional cooking equipment. The Hysea Marine Public Areas startup is created.

  • 2018

    Listing on the stock exchange and new acquisitions

    In May, Somec is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange AIM, classified as an engineering company. Acquisition of Fabbrica LLC, a leader in the field of engineered building facades. Alberto De Gobbi and Claudio Daniele, two people from Treviso who have been in the US for 25 years, join the group and SOMEC returns to its original business with one of the most promising opportunities in the US. Primax, a blast chiller company based in Veneto district of Professional Cooking Equipment.

  • 2019

    Somec takes over TSI and completes the Seascape strategy

    TSI Total Solution Interiors of Cantù is acquired. The company specialises in the design, production and installation of interior furnishings for public areas on board cruise ships. This completes the execution of the Seascape strategy started with Oxin and Hysea.

  • 2020

    The group expands and consolidates its central position

    The lockdown is an opportunity for management to consolidate the group’s centralisation for certain functions and to improve the business synergy between segments. The following were acquired during the year: Pizza Group, to integrate the offer of cooking systems with specific oven hardware; Skillmax, to acquire know-how in the creation of interiors; GICO Grandi Impianti Cucine, to add to its expertise in ship cooking equipment systems. Fabbrica Works is also set-up, a production base for glass roofing systems for the European market.

  • 2021

    Somec launches a new group identity and the industrial plan 2021-25

    The Board of Directors approves the purchase of a majority share in Bluesteel, a company specialising in engineered systems for façades, and window and door systems, and finalizes the purchase of 100% share of various subsidiaries (Primax srl, Inoxtrend srl and Hysea srl). New communication and identity strategies are formed and published to raise the SOMEC Group’s new profile. SOMEC Group obtains ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) rating.

  • 2022

    Development of Mestieri and the american market

    SOMEC established the new company Mestieri srl dedicated to the high-end bespoke interior design and creation. It strengthened its presence in the United States by creating Pizza Group USA LLC and Mestieri USA INC, American subsidiaries of the Group’s Italian companies. With the aim of expanding Mestieri’s divisions operating perimeter, the Group finalized the acquisition of majority shares in Budri srl and Lamp Arredo srl.

  • 2023

    The business and geographic diversification strategy continues

    Somec acquires Gino Ceolin Srl company, through its direct subsidiary Mestieri. The group exceeds the threshold of 1000 collaborators. The “Engineered systems of naval architecture and building façades” and the “Professional kitchen systems and products” business units are named Horizons and Talenta respectively.

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