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As is the case with all websites, this site uses cookies, which are small text files that allow us to store information regarding user preferences, to improve the functionality of the site, to simplify the navigation, to conduct research and analyze data in order to improve content, products and services, to personalize services with more relevant content, to improve security, to prevent fraudulent activity, and to learn more about the interests of the users and offer a personalized experience.
The law allows websites to store cookies on the user’s device only if they are strictly necessary for operation.
For all other types of cookies, the user’s permission is required.
Blocking cookies can potentially lower the quality of the services offered by the website.

This site uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies – necessary: they help make a website usable by enabling basic functions such as page navigation and access to the site’s protected areas. They include technologies that allow the user to access the site and the services required, in order to prevent fraudulent activities and to improve security and / or to use the site.The website can not function properly without these cookies.

Statistical cookies related to performance: they help us to understand how users interact with the site by collecting and sending information in an anonymous way, and they allow us to evaluate site performance.

Profiling and marketing cookies : they are used to monitor the activity of users in order to display relevant and personalized ads for individual users.
They offer advanced features when accessing or using the site. Thanks to these features it is possible to identify the users who are accessing the site and to monitor preferences, interests or objects previously displayed, in order to improve the presentation of content included in the site.

Third-party cookies : it is also possible to receive cookies managed by third-party sites when visiting a website,.
This concerns a part of the page you are visiting, which is directly or indirectly generated by a third-party site and integrated into the page of the host site.
Third-party cookies may offer content, including advertisements that are relevant to the interests of the user. This includes the use of technologies for the purpose of evaluating the usefulness of the advertising and content presented to users, for example by monitoring whether a user has selected an advertisement or not.

How to disable third-party cookies

Third-party cookies used on this website are not monitored directly by the owner of the site and for that reason, in order to deactivate them or for more information, the user must follow the instructions given below.
By clicking on users can obtain more information about behavioral advertising and about third-party, promotional and targeting cookies stored on their own device. Users can then proceed to deactivate all or some of these cookies by clicking the following link: .
This website uses Google Analytics to install technical analytical cookies on the user’s device. The data generated by Google Analytics is stored according to the terms contained in the information available at the following address:
Google Inc´s privacy policy can be found at the following address:
Users can disable Google Analytics by installing on their browser the opt-out add-on available at the following address:
Blocking these cookies will not compromise the user’s browsing experience.
If there are interactive maps provided by Google Inc. on some pages of the site, these may install cookies to detect information and preferences related to the service.
For more information about this service and to deactivate this kind of cookies, users can refer to Google´s privacy policy:
There may be buttons and widgets belonging to social networks on the website pages, which are included in order to facilitate interaction with social platforms and the sharing of content directly from the website pages.
This website could also use profiling cookies for targeted advertising whose purpose is to provide the user with advertising based on his or her interests, and on the preferences expressed by the users while visiting the website.
For more information or to disable these cookies, users can click on the following address
Blocking all the previously mentioned third-party cookies does not compromise the browsing experience of the user, but could decrease the quality of the services offered by the website.
For more information, including information related to the disabling of third-party cookies sent to the user’s browser while browsing this website, see:
For more information about cookies, please get in touch using the email address given above: