With Budri, marble haute couture is the protagonist of Cheonwon Palace


Flooring inlaid in marble, onyx and semi-precious stones, coverings and valuable architectural elements. SOMEC group, thanks to the haute couture of Budri marble, part of the Mestieri division: design and creation of personalized interiors, contributed to the creation of the prestigious “Cheonwon Palace”. A religious and at the same time tourist destination, which extends for 25 thousand square meters in the town of Cheongpyeong near Seoul, South Korea, with the aim of expanding culture and education for global peace.

On behalf of the main contractor Il Shin Stone Co. Ltd., Budri created various inlaid floors, as well as coverings, stairs and columns of the central building of the palace, for a total surface area of approximately 4 thousand square meters.

The project was entirely carried out at the Budri factory in Italy, in Mirandola in the province of Modena, and subsequently installed on site. Overall, the construction work on the temple lasted 7 years, from 2017 to 2023.

The creation by Budri of a work of such beauty and refinement fills us with pride – comments Oscar Marchetto, President of SOMEC -. The world is demanding Italian ‘know-how’, and thanks to Mestieri we are able to bring high craftsmanship, knowledge of materials and their processing, available to those who share with us the passion for beauty and authenticity . The result is grandiose and long-lasting works, such as the splendid Cheonwon Palace in South Korea.”

Cheonwon Palace (South Korea), marble floor made by Budri, part of the MESTIERI division of Somec group.

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