Preliminary agreement signed for Lamp Arredo s.r.l. acquisition


SOMEC S.p.A announces that it has entered into a preliminary binding agreement for the acquisition of a 60% equity interest in LAMP Arredo S.r.l., a company specialising in the engineering and creation of metal furniture and ornamental items.

The Treviso-based company, born in the 70s and an expert in metalworking for creation of high-level customised works and finishes, will join Mestieri, the group division creating high-end interiors. LAMP Arredo supplementing and expanding the offer in creation of high-end furniture and interiors for hotels, museums, shops and exclusive residences.

LAMP Arredo, which began operating at the end of the 1970s, stands out for its great expertise in processing painted steel and stainless steel, as well as precious materials in the most varied and creative finishes, for complete works of the highest level. With these characteristics, SOMEC is able to collaborate with famous designers and architects, realising their conceptual and artistic vision in tailor-made turnkey projects, without any constraints on scale: from the smallest of objects to furnishings, to entire building façades.

Oscar Marchetto, SOMEC Chairman, stated: “I am very pleased with the entry of Lamp Arredo into the SOMEC Group, because the company enriches and accelerates Mestieri’s growth, expanding the spectrum of Italian craftsmanship in the portfolio. For over 40 years, Lamp Arredo has embodied excellence in metal works and finishes, elaborated with craftsmanship, enhancing the art of manual skills with innovation and absolute quality. These characteristics will allow us to increase synergies within the group, and to offer our customers an ever-broader variety of services and choices: I am convinced this will translate into new development opportunities.”

The deal will be finalised by the subsidiary Mestieri S.r.l., which Somec reserves the right to appoint as buyer and transferee of the equity interest until the date of closing, scheduled for 31 October 2022.


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