Non-binding understanding for the acquisition of Lamp Aarredo s.r.l.


The operations aimed at enlarging the perimeter and the growth of MESTIERI S.r.l. continue.

SOMEC S.p.A has signed a non-binding letter of intent for the purchase of the majority of the share capital of Lamp Arredo S.r.l., to continue to expand the range of crafts within the Group’s high-end customized construction projects.

Based in Quinto di Treviso since the 1970s, Lamp Arredo has been specializing in the engineering and production of metal elements and stands out for its high skills in the finishing of painted steel, stainless steel, and other metals in the most varied and creative finishings. The company shapes in metals the conceptual and creative vision of designers and architects, in turnkey, one-off, projects, without constraints of scale: from small fit-out details, to building façade’s metal elements.

Oscar Marchetto, President of Somec, said: “The Italian mastery in metal works and finishings, of which Lamp Arredo has been a skillful interpreter for over forty years, will further enrich MESTIERI and its growth path. The network of high craftsmen that MESTIERI aims to develop through players of excellence in the reference areas, will allow us to create further synergy in high-end, construction projects. On the one hand we will offer clients and architects a further piece of Italian know-how, on the other MESTIERI will be able to broaden their horizons, opening up to new challenges and opportunities“.

Maurizio Meneghini, President, as well as majority shareholder, also on behalf of the other shareholders: “We decided to take this step by sharing the entrepreneurial vision of Oscar Marchetto who, with Mestieri, intends to contribute to the enhancement of traditions like ours, which we reinterpret every day in a modern way in search of excellence since 1978. We will thus be able to benefit from new blood to look to the future of our business with renewed enthusiasm“.

The signed letter of intent is aimed at the purchase of a 60% stake in Lamp Arredo. On the remaining 40%, the assignment of put & call options in favor of the parties may be envisaged, exercisable within time windows to be determined.

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