CEOLIN Blacksmiths by passion

Gino Ceolin srl was founded in Mogliano Veneto (TV), in the northeast of Italy in 1961 as a small family business specializing in metalwork, with projects mainly for private residences. As the second generation joined the company in the 1990s, it expanded its development, establishing itself as a workshop of custom-made metal construction works for high-end turnkey projects, linked to the evolution of the use of a wide variety of metals such as titanium, zinc, stainless steel, corten and teku copper. In 2022, the company entered the perimeter of the SOMEC Group and its subsidiary MESTIERI, thanks to its positioning as a “metal tailor’s workshop” based on the wisdom of yesteryear and production systems founded on the most advanced technologies, combined with an evolved in-house technical department for computerized design of complex one-off construction works.
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