SOMEC reassurance about the company’s exposure to Russia and other nations more involved in the current conflict


SOMEC S.p.A has today issued a press release, in consideration of the current geopolitical situation and its consequences on the markets. The company has communicated that it has no direct or indirect commercial relations with clients in Russia, Ukraine or Belarus to date. The Group’s total order backlog does not actually involve clients based in the above areas.The same applies to its supply chain, which is similarly unaffected by the current international scenario.

The company also noted that its order backlog, with its long term visibility, allows purchases to be planned well in advance, meaning that issues related to raw materials can be reduced to a minimum, and that the company’s business model is not particularly energy-intensive. Therefore, no significant critical factors are regarding these issues. Always active in the international markets, SOMEC noted that, in compliance with Listed companies’ best practices, it has been constantly and carefully monitoring the global geopolitical situation.

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