SOMEC expands its interiors offering and incorporates new group company MESTIERI srl.


Mestieri is born with the intent of executing turnkey projects in the high-end interiors, enhancing the competencies of highly specialized craftsmanship realities in various materials, from metals to marbles, to fine and hard wood, glass, leather and fabrics.

The excellence of many SMEs, with a heritage of unique references in the world,  can now rely on the coordination of a leader who incorporates them and who delivers on the all-round management of the most complex projects, opening the doors to increasingly more ambitious objectives. The mastery, the flexibility and the ability to find solutions in the executional phase are typical values ​​of these realities representing the made in Italy, appreciated internationally.

The demand for high-end interiors is constantly growing and sees particular livelihood in various markets including high-end residential, retail and luxury hospitality, both in the civil and naval sectors.

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