MESTIERI has recently launched a new advertising campaign that appears in the Italian press focused on the human figure, at the basis of the philosophy of the Interiors division of the SOMEC group.

Master craftsmen are depicted in photographic portraits dedicated to know-how and the desire to create unique works at the service of design in large turnkey construction projects.

The campaign will run throughout the second half of 2023 in selected lifestyle and interior design magazines, and in business publications.

The choice of these media channels reflects the specific positioning of the brand, which is distinguished by the uniqueness of its strategy and its offer. Mestieri not only creates new opportunities for high craftsmanship through the acquisition and systemization of small and medium-sized entrepreneurial realities of great excellence, but also offers its customers a unique direction in a multiplicity of skills. In this way, it responds creatively and effectively to the requests of the most demanding architects and customers, in the high-end of various final markets.

The claim of the campaign reflects this double value: “Io Sono Mestieri” restores the centrality of a single leader who guides and coordinates the development of major works; at the same time it refers to a plurality of actors who take the face of the craftsmen portrayed in the place and time of work.

The portraits are signed by the photographer and director Daniele Barraco.

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