GROUP’s revenues keep on growing in the 1stH23, as EBITDA improves


The Board of Directors of Somec S.p.A. approved the Half-Year Financial Report as of 30 June 2023.

The results of the first six months of the financial year confirmed strong Group development, with revenues growing by 26% to the new high of €, most of which generated by the organic expansion benefiting all divisions. 

EBITDA improved by 7.4% to €9.8mn, despite the impact on naval orders of generalized increase in production costs, as well as continuing investments in Mestieri S.r.l. and Mestieri USA, which will act as a driving force in new business starting from the current semester.

The robust growth in revenues and the increasing prestige of new project testify the validity of the strategy pursued in past years and of our desired biz drivers: external growth, diversification, high-end range and sustainability – comments Oscar Marchetto, President of Somec –. All divisions have recorded positive performance, with positive signs in the current quarter.  The resources invested in structure and organization, as well as the inflation impact on delayed backlog have inevitably influenced the margins of this half-year. The unexpressed biz potential and the actions implemented by the Management will work at improving the main indicators already in the second part of the year”.

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