1stQ/2023 SOMEC GROUP revenues at €91MN


SOMEC SpA’s Board of Directors approved the unaudited data relating to consolidated revenues as at 31 March 2023.

In the first quarter, SOMEC group recorded a +40.3% increase in revenues, to €90.8mn, compared to €64.7mn in the 2022 corresponding period.

This is a double-digit growth of all three divisions of the Group.

MESTIERI lead company has been strengthened by three acquisitions, resulting in a further positive effect on Group revenues, contributing 10.5% to the quarterly performance.

“SOMEC’s course is confirmed to be positive in the 1st qtr., with a robust revenue performance by all the Group’s divisions. The results of Mestieri stand out in particular, driven by the acquisitions. The quarterly data, which we are publishing today for the first time as a sign of market friendliness, allow us to look optimistically at  full 2023 year”, stated the SOMEC Chairman Oscar Marchetto.

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